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Class A: Top-up Your Business with Ice Cream

Introduction to Entrepreneurship of Ice Cream & Gelato Business Class

This class is to aim for business men who are interested and would like to step in the ice cream/gelato business. This class will give you the instruction for how to start topping up your business with ice cream production and selecting the business model which is proper for you, even you have no basic ice cream knowledge before.


Course outline:

  • Knowing about each kind of frozen desserts
  • The difference for ice cream and gelato
  • Knowing ingredient structure, raw materials and complete production process for ice cream
  • Knowing and selecting tools and equipments which are necessary and match to your budget for investment
  • Ice cream/ Gelato workshop by high quality professional equipment and tips for the best quality ice cream/gelato
  • Ice cream market overview in Thailand and main success factors for ice cream business
  • Particularly specific ice cream business case for topping up business
  • The feasibility study with your customizing ice cream business plan add on to your existing business

Teaching materials: Handbook of i-Cream solutions training class, Workshop area with professional equipments and tools


Benefits: the class fee includes teaching material, Apron, lunch and coffee break for the day of the class.



  • Restaurants/ Hotels/ Resorts’ owner who would like to extend the product line with ice cream products.
  • Professional who want to diversify business in different industrial

Recommendation: For more skillful and deeply knowledge, the participant shall be taking “Ice cream Class” or “Gelato Class” is recommended.


Duration: 1 day class


Timesheet: 9:00 am – 12:00 am / 13:00 pm – 17:00 pm


Registration Fee: 6,000 THB/ person (limit 10 persons for a class)

Promotion Fee: contact +66 (0)2 252 9290


Registration Booking: Please contact by phone +66 (0)2 252 9290, by e-mail:


Instructor: Ice cream chef: Varatorn Ampornpan


Chef profile:

Ice cream chef: Varatorn Ampornpan “Chef Kuk” Before becoming an ice cream chef, Chef Kuk was the lecturer in faculty of business administration, university in Thailand. With passion in ice cream and desirable of having own business, he decided to step in to the ice cream business and improved his knowledge as well instructed by Chef Master Paula and Chef Master Michele and real practically experienced by having his own ice cream business. Thus, as the knowledge of ice cream and business management, Chef Kuk is pleased to give the best guideline to all participants who would like to be success in ice cream business.