Overview of Ice cream Homemade business in Thailand

            At the present, the market growth of Light Food serving shop such as coffee, bakery and ice cream shops is the highlight business, especially for “Ice cream business” that is most interesting business for new SME entrants. Due to the fact that, coffee and bakery business are maturity stage and more competition, ice cream homemade business is most attractiveness in a few recent years. Ice cream homemade business is a good choice for investment if consideration in terms of goods, production, distribution channel, branding, budget funding and portion of the market. Ice cream homemade business is a good opportunity for new entrepreneurs, who love in ice cream with creative flavor thinking, and attractive income.

                Ice cream business in Thailand, there is several kinds of business models including traditional style, oversea foreign franchise brands, well known worldwide brands and ice cream homemade local brands. Presently, as Ice cream is most favorable for Thai people and ice cream making machines are more development and affordable those make ice cream easier to produce and more popularity than in the past. Although forecasting of overall ice cream market capability is valued up to 16,500 Mil. THB. In 2012, this portion is segmented by medium ice cream capability valued up to 9,900 Mil. THB. or 60% of overall market that is held by group of big brands in the business, at the moment the real force that rises the overall market grown up is coming from ice cream homemade segment. Particularly, ice cream homemade shops are increasing by many brands. Some can be increasing many branches and step up to industrial level.

                Traditionally, ice cream homemade is made and supplied to a few numbers of restaurants and hotels. Nowadays, ice cream homemade market capability is growth more than 40% yearly or market value is approximately 1,635 Mil.THB. by portion of 30% of premium ice cream market value (around 5,450 Mil.THB.).With reasonable price, quality ingredients, more creative variety flavors, unique style in each shop and lower funding investment if comparing with ice cream factory establishment, these are caused rapidly growth in the market. However, the unknown-well brand, a few branches and inadequate production capacity are still limited of Ice cream homemade entrepreneur.