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  • The main ingredients for making homemade ice cream or SME commercial ice cream,most of them are available in local suppliers, e.g. local bakery ingredient store, department store, etc. Major ingredients can be grouped in 2 groups that are first group of dried ingredients, e.g. whole milk powder, skim milk powder, sugar, s/e, etc., are classified as Single ingredients, and the other group of liquid ingredients, e.g. fresh milk, fresh cream, juice, etc. However, in modern ice cream business at the present day, many ice cream shops or gelato shops (gelateria) are using Ready mixed ingredients, which is becoming popularity, instead of Single ingredients, because of its comfortably using and making high quality premium ice cream with bulk volume.
  • In mainly part of dried ingredients such as whole milk powder, skim milk powder, various of sugar and stabilizer emulsifier (S/E) that are generally available in local bakery ingredient store. Particularly the one important ingredient for ice cream is Stabilizer and Emulsifier (S/E) that is various types for using which perform ice cream quality in term of texture, viscosity, smoothness, dissolution and structuring of ice cream. The basis S/E, is usually available in local shop, e.g. carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), Locust bean gum (Carob bean gum), xanthan gum, guar gum,carragenan, etc.
  • For commercial purpose and high premium quality with the bulk volume, using the ready mixed ingredients is the best optional. i-Cream solutions co. is proudly to present the Ready Mixed Products by Montebianco, the semi-processed products are made of high standard manufacturing with international certificated and delicately selection of best raw ingredients from each source originally. Ready Mixed Products can be classified in 2 groups as firstly for Ready Mixed Base Products, is the combination of various S/E and others ingredients including skim milk powder, dextrose, etc.
    in perfectly portion formula, can make high structuring quality of premium ice cream and gelato. The second group is Flavoring Products, is the important ingredients to create the wide varieties of flavors for ice cream and gelato. Furthermore, Flavoring Products by Montebianco is absolutely premium quality with well manufactured and delicately selective harvested all raw ingredients from the best sources originally for each ingredient, e.g. Pistachio nuts from the Bronte region in Sicily, Hazelnut from Piemonte, etc.
  • It is an Italian company located at San Giuliano Milanese Milan, Italy specialized in ingredients for make gelato and industrial ice cream.Right now, It is one of the top 5 Company in the market.Montebianco has more of 50 differents base, and many pastes for making gelato and Semifreddo and It also has an academy for training and educate customers.
    Montebianco including in group also:
  • • Anselmi, the first company in Italy made raw materials for gelato.
  • • Chiaravalle specialized in confectionary products
  • • Eurobisco, specialized in ice cream biscuits
  • • Gespal specialized in tools, likecups, plasticspoon, spatula, scoops etc. etc.